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    25 Signs You Studied Abroad In The Netherlands

    Living in this beautiful country has ruined you for life.

    1. You know that cycling is the best mode of transportation.

    2. Flowers don't easily impress you, now that you've seen literally millions of them at a time.

    3. You're very used to the look people give you when you tell them you studied in Amsterdam...


    4. But they're right, because of course you hit up all the best coffeeshops.

    {ernesto González Roda} / Via

    5. And you've really seen some shit in the red light district.


    6. You find yourself missing the stroopwafel resting on your coffee mug.

    7. You bought all of your basic necessities at HEMA.

    8. Except when you felt like splurging, in which case you hit up your local V&D.

    9. You know that a real Dutch pannenkoeken is better than any buttermilk pancake.

    Ashley Williams / Via

    10. You truly appreciate going grocery shopping without having to think about how much you'll be able to carry home on your bike without toppling over.

    11. You know what a borrel is, and you'd love to be at one right now.


    12. After seeing Dutch toddlers biking around effortlessly, you're ashamed of the training wheels you needed when you were 7.

    13. You understand the true meaning of gezelligheid.

    14. On King's Day, you decked yourself out in orange and pretended you were a true Nederlander.

    15. You found yourself wondering if Dutch people work at all, since you've seen them drinking beer in the streets at all hours of the day.

    16. You know what spijkerpoepen is.

    17. You were shocked when you learned how good a burger that came out of a hole in the wall could be.

    18. You know that "Holland" and "the Netherlands" are not interchangable, and get annoyed when people think they are.

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    19. Your beer of choice is, of course, a Heineken.

    20. And you feel like an expert on it after touring the Heineken factory in Amsterdam.

    21. You find yourself wondering if American cheese is even real cheese.

    22. You know that a warm stroopwafel from the market is pretty much the definition of lekker.

    23. You'll never dip your French fries in ketchup again, and you'll always wish you could get them in a cone.

    Scott B. Rosen / Via

    24. You constantly find yourself missing the land of tulips, clogs, and windmills.

    Jim Zuckerman / Via

    25. And you can't wait to go back.

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