Chubby Cat: A Day In The Life.

Lanie is chubby, it’s no secret. But instead of sitting around the house all day, wallowing in self-pity, she lives the high-life: playing GoldenEye on N64, talking politics with the President, drinking beer and eating pizza and Cheetos until she ends up with her face in a toilet . Here is a glimpse in to her life. Don’t we all wish our lives were this awesome?


One of many naps.


Ponders the meaning of life.


Debates the President on the merits of legalizing stronger catnip.


What CEO doesn’t sleep on the job?


Lunch time and she will have no part of that dry kibble “nonsense” — her words, not mine.


Time for a little GoldenEye.


It’s been a rough day at the office - time for happy hour.


After one too many. We’ve all been there.


Glorious end to a glorious day. Passed out in an empty bag of Cheese Puffs. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

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