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How To Stop Procrastinating When You've Left It Far Too Late And Everything Is Terrible

So, you've got to go back to work or school in a few days and that Big Project you swore you would have finished by now is, surprise surprise, not finished. You have no idea how this happened. You had so much time! But there is so much to do that even the thought of starting makes you feel panicky and stressed-out. Dude: I feel you. I am a champion procrastinator. I used to do my homework on the bus to school or not at all; this year, I ignored a deadline for so long that I ended up having to write almost an entire novel in less than a fortnight. Hell, I've checked Facebook four times just while writing this introduction. But in order to function as a halfway competent human being, I've picked up a number of tips that I use to trick myself into Doing The Thing - especially if I've left the thing until the very last minute. And now I want to share them with you. Follow this step-by-step guide and I promise you, you will find it easier to Get The Thing Done. Start right now! I believe in you!

msgracefh • One year ago

7 Nights Of Dinners To Get You Through Your Period

Cramps, bloating, energy slumps: periods are hell and we hate them. But what you eat can help. You can prep all or part of these dinners ahead (y'know, in one of those wonderful non-period weeks when you actually have the energy for stuff like cooking, and standing up). Then when Aunt Flo comes to town (blehhh), start each day with coffee (to reduce bloating), multigrain toast topped with avocado (that's carbs to satisfy your cravings, fibre to help tackle that whole monthly digestive system weirdness, and vitamin E which may help with period pain) and a banana for magnesium (yep, bloating again). Aim to eat little, often and healthily throughout the day: cut back on sugar and dairy, in favour of leafy vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, and water. Then come home, change into your comfiest PJs and enjoy one of these comforting, iron-rich meals in front of a Gilmore Girls marathon.

msgracefh • 2 years ago