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15 Toronto Transit Ridership Pet Peeves

Every TTC passenger has their own personal pet peeve. See which rude behaviour you hate the most or might even be guilty of yourself.

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2. Not Moving Back

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This is pretty self explanatory, but during rush hour, staying at the front of the bus or streetcar when there is still plenty of room at the back is a pain in the behind. The TTC has tried to address this issue by allowing rear door entry on some streetcar routes.

5. Non-human Passengers

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As well behaved as some of our feline and dog friends can be, many passengers are allergic to these companions, and for this reason, it's a big per peeve to have to ride with them, especially on the seats.

6. Charging the Doors


This is not only a nuisance, but charging the doors is potentially dangerous. And if the person breaks the door, it will cause the train to either be delayed, or worse, out of service all together.

7. Coveting Priority Seating


The TTC recently implemented blue priority seating meant for seniors, pregnant women and the disabled. However, some people still haven't gotten the message and not yielding to the people they were intended for.

8. Escalator Standing


Stand right, walk left. Unless you are a regular TTC rider, you may not know this. The TTC could do better with more education and signage that will ultimately get people moving from one floor to another.

10. Bikes on Transit


Bikes aren't allowed on transit during rush hour and for good reason. There's just no room. Luckily, the TTC is getting with the times and having bike racks on the front of most buses and inside the new streetcars. On subways, cyclists will have to keep their bikes off except for weekends/holidays and non-peak hours.

13. Stinky Smells


I think most passengers would agree that snacks and coffee are acceptable on the TTC. But there is nothing worse than a mix of bad body odour, perfume and smelly foods on a hot sticky day. Ask anyone who's made the trek on the Dufferin bus in summer.

15. Using Electronic Devices

Esther Edell / Via

I'm sure that everyone can agree that e-readers, iPhones and MP3 players are good as long as you can't hear them. But then there are passengers who use their devices with the speakers on, or even pull out their full-on lap-top computers (like this feller above) to the annoyance of everyone around them.

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