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10 Dandelion Recipes Or How I Learned To Love The Weed

With a weed killer ban in some Canadian cities, the spring landscape is flourishing with a thousand species of this herbaceous perennial. Before you mow, pull or dig them out, set aside some of this weed for one of these healthful recipes.

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Dandelion herbs were believed brought to Canada from Europe in the 1600's. Many

First Nations used the plant for food and medicinally, to treat conditions such as eczema, anemia, jaundice, or as an antiseptic. Young leaves can be eaten

fresh or steamed, and contain high levels of iron, calcium, A & B vitamins and other minerals. (SOURCE: Royal Roads) Select young greens without flowers in the spring, flowers throughout the summer and roots in the fall. Never forage for dandelions by roads or railway tracks or anywhere that has been sprayed by insecticides.

3. Dandelion and Grapefruit Salad with Tahini Lemon Dressing and Fried Onions


A light lunch or a addition to any summer meal, this colourful and healthy salad is packed with protein and keeps well in the fridge for days. Recipe here.

5. Lion’s Roar Dandelion Mead


Mead is arguably the oldest known fermented beverage and made popular again by the series Game of Thrones. A variation on Honey Mead, this gluten free recipe takes almost a year to age, but before the next snow melts you'll be enjoying this tasty beverage. Recipe here.

10. Dandelion Salve


This isn't an edible recipe, but just as dandelions are healthy for your insides, they also have therapeutic properties on the outside too. This sunny yellow salve works magic on sore muscles, achy & arthritic joints and rough, chapped skin. Recipe here.

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