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10 Signs You Need A Dating Detox

Ladies, there comes a time in your life where you need to give your heart (and your vag) a rest.

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1. You think every guy you meet is the one / Via GIPHY

like every.. single... one.

2. You're relying on guys to make you feel good / Via GIPHY

There's vibrators for that... just saying...

3. Your inner Carrie Bradshaw is scaring you into thinking you'll never find anyone / Via GIPHY

Repeat after me. I will NOT be crazy cat lady.

4. You're bloody exhausted and it's not fun anymore / Via GIPHY

So many wasted outfits, so little time

5. All the guys you date bring out the worst in you

Tumblr / Via GIPHY

Your mum, your bestie, hell your bloody cat know your 'type' ain't good for ya.

6. You don't actually remember what it's like to be single / Via GIPHY

& doing stuff you ACTUALLY enjoy

7. You feel like you only attract shitbags / Via GIPHY

It's time to shake 'em off, Mariah Carey style.

8. You find yourself changing who you are depending on who you're with / Via GIPHY

Embrace who you are, dark circles and all

9. You don't even know what you want anymore / Via GIPHY

Standards? What are thoooooose?

10. and lastly.. you haven't realised what an absolute babe you are / Via GIPHY

and your next boyfriend will too.

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