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This Is What It Feels Like When You're In A "Blah" Mood

I don't know what's wrong. Everything?

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For whatever reason, today is one of those days when everything is just..."blah."

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On days like this, every decision becomes much more difficult...

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Nothing sounds enticing...


And no matter how hard you try to focus, you simply can't think properly.

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Which is draining, since you already feel off and your energy is low.

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So you put on comfy clothes as a sort of invisible safety blanket...


And just try to get through the day.

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Which is difficult because it's as if you're in a dull dreamlike state that you can't snap out of.

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This causes you to be more quiet than usual.

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Which then leads to a feeling of shyness and vulnerability.

Along with a shorter temper.

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And even though you can tell that you're in this mood, you can't do anything about it.

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This combination means you get frustrated more easily.


So you're quietly trapped in a strange smog of frustration mixed with nothingness.


And yes, the feeling itself is miserable, but what's even more discouraging is that you can't even explain it.

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You know you don't feel like yourself, but you can't verbalize what the cause is, so you just settle with "blah."

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Because that's how you feel. Blah.

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