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This Is What Happens When Team U.S.A. Wins A Game In The World Cup

I believe that we will win.

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The U.S. defeated Ghana 2-1 in its World Cup opener Monday, claiming redemption after being knocked out by Ghana the past two times. Here is how fans reacted:

This is what it was like in the stadium as the final whistle blew:

And this is what it was like back in the U.S.:

People from all across the country went nuts.

A few sang the national anthem.

Because, duh, that's the most American thing ever.

And almost everywhere there were chants of "U-S-A."

With people watching the game at a bar...

And people standing on the bar...

And of course everyone took plenty of pictures.

Because they're proud to be an American...

And they believe that the U.S. will win.

Because this just isn't some country. This is the "mighty, mighty U.S."

And they take this very seriously.