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This Is What Happens When "Fight Club" Comes To Church

"We'll just be a couple of God-fearing men punching each other in the face."

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Fight Church, an upcoming documentary, explores the world of fight ministries, where pastors use violence as a tool for religious connection, posing the question, "Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face?"

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Directed by Bryan Storkel and Academy Award-winner Daniel Junge, the feature-length documentary, which comes out Sept. 16, "follows several pastors and fighters in a quest to reconcile their faith with a sport that some consider violent and barbaric," with appearances from professional MMA fighters like Benson Henderson and current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon "Bones" Jones.

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Aiming to "tell this entertaining story in a completely objective tone, and to let the story speak for itself," the film dives into the benefits of carrying your faith with you inside the ring, and looks at the conflict with Christianity.

With the justification that "nowhere in the Bible does it specifically state that fighting for sport is prohibited," the seemingly contradictory phenomenon has led to hundreds of churches around the country using mixed martial arts as a way of attracting new congregants.

Or as one pastor points out in the trailer, it's all about "reaching people with the gospel, regardless of what you do to introduce them into a relationship with Jesus Christ."


Below is an exclusive clip from the film:

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