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The Top 25 Boy Bands Of All Time

The results are in. Who is the greatest boy band?

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to rank a large list of boy bands on a scale from 1 (“They’re not good”) - 5 (“They’re the best!”). Here are the results:


How the results were tallied: Percentage of votes multiplied by the number associated with that percentage. Only rankings of 3 and higher were counted.


Band X: 35% voted 5, 25% voted 4, and 10% voted 3.

35x5 + 25x4 + 10x3 = 305 (Final Score)

Note: The band 5 Seconds of Summer was omitted from the results after receiving numerous complaints in the original vote about them not being a "boy band." If they HAD been included, they would have been placed at #8 with a final score of 171.

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