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The Struggles Of Having A Brain That Won't Shut Off

Being stuck in your own head is exhausting.

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Constantly having thoughts and ideas is both wonderful and stressful.

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Obviously having ideas all the time is great, but having a brain that won't shut off means you're a victim to your own restless mind. Whenever and wherever.

It's obsessing over a thought...


Or a future event that may or may not even happen.


And replaying different scenarios, trying to control the uncontrollable.

It's repeating a thought to yourself dozens of times in the shower so you don't forget to make a note of it when you get out.


Or not talking to anyone because that will be a distraction from your current idea and force you to forget it.

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It's stopping a conversation mid-sentence to write down a thought, which is almost always completely unrelated to what's currently going on.

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It's having half-scribbled notes floating around you at all times that aren't even complete thoughts.

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It's dealing with insomnia because, for some reason, your mind is most active when you're desperately trying to sleep.

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If you have a brain that won't shut off, you're definitely familiar with waking up at 3 a.m. to write a note to yourself about something you just thought of.

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And doing the same an hour later.

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Or maybe just repeating the idea over and over again in your head, hoping you'll remember it in the morning.

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It means you can't sleep.

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Yes, having a brain that won't shut off is exhausting.

And even though it may be frustrating to be stuck in your own head, bouncing around from thought to thought...

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Sometimes those thoughts are the best solutions/ideas you've ever had.

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Which is kind of cool to think about...

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