The Rootability Pros And Cons Of Every Player In Game 7 Of The NBA Finals

If you don't know, now you know (who to root for).

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1. LeBron James

Pedro Portal/El Nuevo Herald / MCT


- The best player in the NBA.

- Can play any position extremely well.

- Super strong.

- People seem really into whether he wears a headband.

- Hasn't done anything egomaniacal or entitled in a year or two.


- Complains. A lot.

- Flops.

- We're still talking about the guy from The Decision.

2. Tim Duncan

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images


- Makes the exact right play a freakishly high percentage of the time.

- Very good teammate.

- Got that hook shot.


- Emotionless face and aforementioned total perfection makes him hard to relate to.

3. Dwyane Wade

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- Dating Gabrielle Union.

- Excellent shooter after receiving a cortisone shot.

- Can throw a full-court alley-oop.


- Spells his name wrong.

- When he's off, he's really off.

- Big ego.

- Constant flopper.

- Drama queen.

- Whiner.

- We don't like Dwyane Wade that much.

4. Tony Parker

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images


- Great facilitator.

- Can speak French.

- Calls Tim Duncan "Timmy."


- Has a hamstring injury.

- Is French.

- French jokes still always funny for some reason.

5. Chris Bosh

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images


- Great inside/outside offensive game.

- Can rebound on both ends of the court.

- Possibly has a dinosaur bloodline.


- Looks like a velociraptor, probably eats children.

- Not LeBron or Wade.

6. Manu Ginobli

Kevin C. Cox / AP


- Very confident.

- Hard worker.

- Immensely, almost hilariously, creative player.

- Nice floater.

- Being a flashy player on an unflashy team is a good literary-seeming contradiction.


- Confidence occasionally results in spectacular airballs.

- Invented flopping.

8. Kawhi Leonard

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images


- Fantastic name.

- Huge potential.

- You hope he comes back from that missed free throw in Game 6.


- Can't think of any.

9. Mike Miller

Eric Gay / AP


- Can get on some fun runs of 3-pointers.

- Can play with one shoe.

- Good at fouling people and acting like nothing happened.


- Questionable hair and tattoos and facial expression.

- Doesn't know how to tie his shoes.

10. Danny Green

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images


- Has the record for the most three pointers in an NBA Finals series.

- Hits the open shots.

- Appears to seriously not find the NBA Freaking Finals to be that big a deal.


- Level of calm is almost creepy.

11. Ray Allen

Christian Petersen / Getty Images


- Clutch.

- Cold-blooded.


- Not sure if he can make a layup at this point in his career. Or do anything inside the 3-point arc. Might think that part of the court is hot lava.

16. Gary Neal

Doug Pensinger


- A poor man's Danny Green.

- Believes "powerful thinking moves mountains."

- Can get hot and contribute.


- That's not how mountains move.

- Is normally not hot.

17. Udonis Haslem

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images


- Seems like he would definitely have your back in a confrontation at a bar.

- Lost a ton of weight after going undrafted out of college. Inspiring story.


- Doesn't play much anymore.

18. Boris Diaw

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images


- Not concerned about playing time.

- Knows his role on the team.


- Is a preposterously, criminally lazy player when he's not on an elite team.

19. All The Other Guys Who Don't Play Much

Didn't have time to get to them, but they all seem like great teammates!

20. Enjoy Game 7!