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The Hero Of "Jurassic World" Is Not Chris Pratt, But The Man Double-Fisting Margaritas

When in doubt, save the margaritas.

Without giving too much away, shit goes awry in the new Jurassic World movie and the dinosaurs escape confinement and start wreaking havoc on the park and its guests.

Universal Pictures

And even though Chris Pratt is the star of the film, an unexpected hero emerged...

You know that person who grabs two margaritas while being chased by a T-Rex in Jurassic World? I'm that person.

Respect to the guy that grabbed the two margaritas during the pterodactyl outbreak in Jurassic World

The guy in Jurassic world who ran away from the dinosaur Holding two glasses of margarita is the real mvp

Since we can't legally show footage from the movie, here is an illustrated version of the scene, in which a man in sunglasses, with full margaritas clutched in both hands, casually runs away from attacking pteranodons.

enerJax / Via

The completely insignificant scene lasts about one second, but it is seriously everyone's favorite part.

Best part of Jurassic World is when the dude grabs two margaritas before running away from the man-eating dinosaurs. #priorities

My favorite part of #JurassicWorld was Margarita Man, who makes sure he grabs his two margaritas before running away.

My favorite character from #JurassicWorld? The guy running from the chaos with two margaritas in his hands. #Priorities...He has 'em! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But what makes it even better is that the man is none other than Mr. Margaritaville himself Jimmy Buffett!

Look for @jimmybuffett and Margaritaville in @JurassicPark in theaters tomorrow! Details here:

Apparently Buffett is good friends with Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall β€” the two have worked together on several projects over the yearsβ€” so he received a cameo role, in addition to Margaritaville being featured in the film.

Universal Pictures

Jimmy Buffett: The hero we deserve.

Official bartender at the JURASSIC WORLD Margaritaville, Isla Nublar! #FlashbackFriday @JurassicPark @Margaritaville

H/T Yahoo

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