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The 35 Unwritten Rules Of Bestfriendship

Stupid thoughts should always be shared.

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1. If I kick a balloon up in the air, it is your job to make sure that balloon does not touch the ground.

2. If I start yelling for no reason, you need to join in... no questions asked.

3. Same thing if I start dancing in a store. I should not be dancing alone.

4. If I randomly start singing a song, and then point to you, that's your cue to jump in and start singing where I left off.

5. Having an entire conversation using only movie quotes is a test of our friendship that must be done on a regular basis.

6. If I ask a question like, "A hippo is chasing you, what do you do?" I expect a serious answer.

7. When one of us asks a good question, the other should acknowledge that it is a good question.

8. Neither one of us is allowed to chew the last piece of gum in the presence of the other person. There needs to be enough gum for both of us.

9. When playing a game like Catchphrase, it is totally acceptable to single each other out and give an inside joke as a clue.

10. Eye contact during charades is not only necessary, but mandatory. I don't care if other people are on my team, I'm looking at you for the answer.


11. If one of us sees a picture of the other person's celebrity crush, that picture needs to be sent over immediately.

12. Before posting a picture of us online, we both need to first give approval.

13. If I say it's not a good picture of me, that picture needs to deleted, like, right now.

14. Unsolicited selfies are always welcome.

15. Super unflattering pictures of oneself are also always welcome.

16. Even if you don't like my Instagram photo, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and "like" it. K, thanks.

17. Stupid thoughts should always be shared.

18. Weird dreams should always be shared.

19. The amount of food consumed during our time together can never be discussed.

20. Wearing the same outfit for consecutive days is totally acceptable and should not even be addressed.

21. Wearing pants is not always necessary.

22. Irrational excitement should always be encouraged.

23. If one of us is acting weird, the other must mimic or try to one-up that weirdness.

24. It is our job to try and embarrass one another in public settings.

25. "The floor is hot lava" is a very real game and should be taken seriously.

26. We do not acknowledge farts or burps, unless it is to praise said bodily function.

27. If one of us is behind on our favorite TV show, the other person CANNOT watch the newest episode until both parties are caught up.

28. With that being said, there is a 2-3 day window of catch-up time. I can't wait forever.

29. If I secretly don't like someone, you should act normal around them, but not in a friendly manner.

30. If I start dissing someone, feel free to jump in and tag-team that shit.

31. A high five after a sick burn/diss should always be anticipated.

32. Terrible decisions are not to be judged.

33. If you say goodbye to me without a handshake or a hug, I assume you no longer want to be friends.

34. We can use the L-word.

35. If I die, you need to clear my browser history.