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    So These Drunk People Think They Can Dance

    OMG! They're playing my song!!

    There's this leggy lady:

    These two friends:

    Mr. Hip Shaker:

    This guy and whatever he's doing:

    This older gentlemen:

    The kid with stellar balance:

    The man having all the fun:

    This dude:

    These girls:

    This ballerina:

    This hotstepper:

    The dude who dropped the bass... and then danced on it:

    The man who tired himself out:

    These sophisticated gents:

    This enthusiastic fellow:

    The swimmer:

    The man who can't stand still:

    The guy, um, massaging his own leg?

    This zombie enthusiast:

    The man who rode his pony outta here:

    These locomotive moms:

    This tiptoed gentlemen:

    The dude in the bowling alley:

    The man who plays the air harmonica:

    This belly dancer:

    The dad who can't make up his mind:

    The woman who put herself on a pedestal:

    This bro:

    This hyped up old man:

    The woman who almost had it:

    And this crazy guy:

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