18 Makeout Tips That You Might Want To Try

    No tongue stabbing!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for makeout tips and here are some of our favorite responses:

    1. "Just calm down with the the tongue already. Stop sticking it down my throat and flipping it around like a dog. You have to build it up and be gentle... don’t be a blender."

    Submitted by josefinec2

    2. "The jawline is the cheat code to activating makeout mode."

    Submitted by brianfranchuk

    3. "Start out slowly with pauses, then gradually add in other things like tongue and gentle biting."

    Submitted by sarac4afb73fff

    4. "Don’t mentally follow a flowchart — nothing is less sexy than a routine — just respond in the moment."

    Submitted by study

    5. "Hands on face/in hair are always good..."

    Submitted by norawhelan

    6. "Be gentle, start slow, use tongue sparingly (i.e., no tongue stabbing, don’t lick inside of other person’s mouth, meet halfway, etc.)."

    Submitted by sarahburton

    7. "It really comes down to reading the situation and the body language of the person you're with. You need to understand the difference between sensual and sexual and when to apply that kind of kissing. (Hint: Sometimes it's a combination of the two.)"

    Submitted by MrLoganRhoades

    8. "A few butt grabs will improve your makeout score by like 100 points."

    Submitted by leeeenny6

    9. "I love it when the person I’m making out with gently grabs the back of my head and kind of takes control of the direction of our heads."

    Submitted by buzzfeed21

    10. "Don’t have bad breath."

    Submitted by branza

    11. "Just do something with your hands. Anything. If your arms are by your side you’re doing something WRONG."

    Submitted by braydenr463983b86

    12. "Start slow, then speed up rapidly, and then slow down again. Sometimes I pull away and just breathe with my lips a few inches away for a second..."

    Submitted by lilliem436a86005

    13. "Consent. Aside from being legally necessary, it’s a huge turn-on to know that your partner respects you and cares about your pleasure just as much as theirs."

    Submitted by cinnalinroll

    14. "Just choke me." (Ed.: See above comment.)

    Submitted by c42e6e7fb4

    15. "Kiss the neck, goddamit!"

    Submitted by chindeepower

    16. "Sucking on their bottom lip. Always mixes things up and your partner will love the intensity of it!"

    Submitted by sarahruthm2

    17. "A sexy little moan or throaty growl."

    Submitted by lilellie

    18. "The realest key to a good makeout session is a strong emotional connection. Simple as that!"

    Submitted by christinabads

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