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    Japanese Horse-Racing Video Game Is The Weirdest Thing In The World

    A ballerina horse is only the beginning.

    So...there's a game called Japan World Cup 3. It is easily the best horse racing video game, or video game of any kind, in the universe. The fellas over at Achievement Hunter uncovered this gem, and, well, it's absolutely ridiculous.

    Japan World Cup 3 is not a racing game in the traditional sense. You "play" by betting on a computer-generated horse race. The field in this "horse race" is diverse.

    The action is unpredictable.

    Like, really unpredictable.

    And forget everything you know about horses...

    Because now it's a giraffe. Wait. Nope. Now an elephant.

    There are some strange sexual undertones.

    Okay, the sexual parts are actually pretty obvious.

    Japan, y'all crazy.

    Watch the video here:

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