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18 Dogs Who Were Put In The Fridge

Yo, dog, you need to chill.

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1. Is this my home now?


3. Just leave me here.

4. But... but I'm not a vegetable.

5. Welcome to the refrigerator, good sir.

6. I hate my life.

Flickr: themacinator / Via Creative Commons

7. You're not going to close it, are you?

8. Yeah, no, I'm good.

9. Why'd you open the door?!

10. That was not me who pooped in the refrigerator.

11. Is this odd to you?

12. But I don't like these juices.

13. I think I found something back here.

14. So this is how it ends, huh?

15. What do you mean this isn't my bed?

16. Please don't leave me this way. / Via Creative Commons

17. Whatchu talkin' bout, salsa? / Via Creative Commons

18. I don't like it in here. / Via Creative Commons

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