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Can You Survive This Post Without Yawning?

WARNING: May cause sleepiness.

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They say yawns are contagious.

And that looking at someone yawn can make you yawn, too.


That all it takes is someone doing this:

And your body will go, "Hey, I should do that!"

But the problem with yawning is that once you start...



Because yawning feels good.

And once you go for the yawn...

You have to get that yawn ~feeling~ out.

No matter how long you have to keep your mouth open.


And that's been the case ever since you were born.


It doesn't even matter what kind of yawn it is, either.

It can be a sleepy yawn...

A yawn after waking up...


A stretching yawn...


Or a yawn due to boredom.

Once the thought of a yawn enters your head...

You'll lose all control.

So you might as well go for it.


Try to touch the sky.

Yell if you have to.

Unless, of course, you don't need to yawn...

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