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An Irish Chef Reviews "Irish" Food

"Even though Lucky Charms are the most American version of Irish food... I'm not opposed."

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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we invited Donal Skehan — an Irish TV personality and food writer — to review "Irish" foods that members of the BuzzFeed office suggested:

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He started off with a classic: corned beef and cabbage.

Inga Lam / BuzzFeed Video

Then he tried fish & chips.

Inga Lam / BuzzFeed Video

Donal was then given a plate of green pancakes to go along with a green milkshake.

Inga Lam / BuzzFeed Video

And we couldn't leave out potatoes.

Inga Lam / BuzzFeed Video

To finish things off, Donal had a big bowl of Lucky Charms, because what's more Irish than a cereal with a leprechaun mascot?

Inga Lam / BuzzFeed Video
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