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    Advice To The High School Class Of 2015

    "At least read the SparkNotes."

    1. "When I was 8, I wanted to be a zoologist... When I was 18, I wanted to be a photographer... When I am 28, it could be different. Be honest with yourself and don't fear change!"

    2. "College is way more fun. Promise." :)

    3. "You are the only person holding yourself back from making all your dreams come true!!!"

    4. "Drink Natty, live with your best friends and take LOTS of photos (for the nights you may not remember)."

    5. "All-nighters suck, but they work. Use them to pass, not to learn."

    6. "Simply put, you'll be OK."

    7. "Keep in touch with your high school friends. You'll need them over winter break."

    8. "If you survived high school, you can survive anything! Congrats!"

    9. "Don't do the long-distance relationship thing."

    10. "No matter what, be your damn self." :)

    11. "Use protection."

    12. "High school does not matter, tbh."

    13. "Now is the time to experiment with bisexuality!"

    14. "Quit comparing your accomplishments to that of your peers. One day you're going to graduate college and be the badass they never expected and you always knew you would be."

    15. "Don't stress! You'll figure it out."

    16. "Live in the ~moment~ because before you know it, the moment will be over."

    17. "This doesn't have to define the rest of your life! (And it won't!)"

    18. "At least read the SparkNotes."

    19. "You don't need a plan (5-year, 10-year, whatever)! Life is more fun without one!" :)

    20. "Enjoy your summer vacations while you still have them!"