37 Dogs Who Are Too Tuckered Out To Continue

All of these dogs are my spirit animal.

1. “Excuse me, do you have the time? Oh, well then I guess I better zzzzzzzzzz”

3. Not sure if lazy or genius.

4. “Hahahaha. Wait. Has the car always been this soft?”

5. We’ve all been there, dog.

6. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but…

9. I can’t imagine that’s comfortable.

11. Through the fence aaaaaand perfect.

12. “I didn’t know we were gonna go this far.”

13. “A blanket! THANK GOD!”

14. Come on, come on, fall, fall, fall…


17. Must. Keep. Biting. The. Wallllll……

19. You’re facing the wrong way, dog.

20. Long car rides will do that to ya.

21. Didn’t even drop the toy. Impressive, sir.

25. Sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort.

26. I wonder if he’s dreaming about biting his bed…

27. Rockabye doggie…

28. Sleepy little fella.

30. Bunk brothers!

31. He sure did put up a good fight.

32. “Is it morning already?”

35. What is even going on here?

36. My hero.

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