34 Times Kids Proved They Could Survive Pretty Much Anything

Proof that children are basically indestructible.

1. This wouldn’t happen on a Tempur-Pedic.

2. At least he’s wearing a helmet.

3. That’s not how you use a bouncy house, sir.

4. Yep, definitely a great call to sit on the super-fast treadmill, kid.


6. Hands at ten and two! Ten and two!

7. This girl just got kicked into another dimension.

8. Trust fall.

9. I think he lost the game of tag.

10. Bulldogged.

11. There’s a reason it’s called a slide.

12. You can’t play with us!

13. She knew exactly what she was doing.

14. Y’all need to stop launching your children off beds.

15. Catch!

16. Man, get that weak trike outta here.

17. Ummmm… you forgot the mattress.

18. Adding insult to injury.

19. Dude, you can just turn the light off….

20. This is a spectacular faceplant.

21. Future wrestler right here.

22. That’s now how bumper cars work.

23. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your little brother!

24. Well, that was a short walk.

25. Hi, I’m a little kid and welcome to Jackass.

26. Goodbye memories!

27. Everything about this is stupid.

28. Thanks for the massive push, dad.

29. Parkour! Parkour!

30. Watch out for that ta—

31. Her form could use some work.


33. Guarantee this kid now has trust issues.

34. Slip n’ faceplant.

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