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24 Things All Binge-Watchers Know To Be True

Just one more episode...

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6. OMG! It happened! That one scene everyone was talking about a while ago just happened and now you want to talk about it too! But you have no one to talk to so you watch another episode.

7. And now you can't stop watching. You refuse to look at the clock because you know you're going to regret this tomorrow, but you don't care because this is literally the best show ever.


10. But you carry on like a soldier because, again, you're on a mission. Plus, it's too late to stop now. You've gone this far, so you have to finish the season. Otherwise, staying up this long was a waste.

11. Then the season ends, and, man, the finale was so friggin' good! You can't believe that plot twist and you really want to know what happens next. But you can't. It's too late and you have things to do tomorrow.


21. But the next season isn't out yet. In fact, you have to wait MONTHS before it comes out, which might as well be years because you just watched several seasons in consecutive nights, so time is now all screwed up.

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