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    24 People Who Are Still A Kid At Heart

    Getting older doesn't mean you have to grow up.

    1. There's the guy who wandered off during a flight delay and joined a bunch of 5-year-olds for a Pixar movie marathon.

    2. The mom who decided that she, too, wanted to be an IKEA astronaut.

    3. The dad who is baking cookies for the first time.


    4. This challenging significant other.

    5. This shopping cart grandma.

    6. The parents who painted this while their son was away.


    7. This 92-year-old grandma.

    8. This ballsy worker.


    9. This middle-aged ninja turtles fan.

    10. This Pokémon master

    11. This shopping couple.

    12. These tubular men.


    13. This adventurous duo.

    14. The girlfriend who got tired of waiting at the Apple store, so she played at the kids table, instead.

    15. This woman who refuses to use any other kind of napkin.

    16. This old man who just wants to play Mario.

    17. These Peeps hitmen.

    18. These carousel riders.

    19. This Razor lady.

    20. This arcade enthusiast.

    21. This rowboat couple.

    22. This trickster.

    23. These grandparents who still get the coloring menu at restaurants.


    24. And Batman.

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