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    24 Of The Dumbest Ways People Have Broken Their Phone

    "I got drunk and repeatedly hit my phone with a bread knife…"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the dumbest way they've broken a phone. Here are some of our favorite stories.

    1. Submitted by Eduarda De Souza Queiroz

    I was watching a video panning up the length of an anaconda and when it reached the head, the anaconda strikes at the screen, and I threw my phone against the wall.

    2. Submitted by mollye44105c4b0

    One time, I walked into class with my phone in an otter box case on top of my books. My phone fell and someone told me I was going to break it. To prove that the defender case would protect it, I threw my iPhone onto the concrete ground as hard as I could. I picked it up and it was completely shattered and destroyed.

    3. Submitted by J.j. Scalera

    I dropped it in the garbage at work and got marinara sauce all over it. Not even thinking, I washed the phone off in the sink...

    4. Submitted by chelseae4a71020c0

    After a long day of drinking, I burst into the front door of my friend's house and, for no reason at all, tomahawked my clutch (which was holding my phone) across the room into a wall. I could hear the screen shatter.

    5. Submitted by Lena Ackermann

    A homeless guy threw a plastic bag at me and I was so dumbfounded by it that I dropped my phone, cracking the screen.

    6. Submitted by Brandy Townsend

    My phone was in my back pocket and as I pulled my pants down to prepare for my business, the phone flipped out of the pocket and into the toilet, prompting the automatic flusher to engage. I reached in (it was clean water!) and fished it out, but it was too late. The phone was done.

    7. Submitted by I wanna talk to Samson

    I was unabashedly shoving Chili's salsa into my mouth, holding up the bowl, then all of a sudden, my body jerked and the bowl dropped straight down onto my Galaxy.

    8. Submitted by aaronl498badd85

    I stepped on it taking my pants off.

    9. Submitted by Morgan Preziosi

    I worked at a movie theater and was texting near the popcorn butter machine. A customer came in, and when I looked up, I apparently moved my phone into the machine button, causing butter to pour all over and inside my phone.

    10. Submitted by SweetKeri24

    I was trying to keep my cat from drinking my milk, so I put my phone on top of the cup. Phone dropped right in.

    11. Submitted by alexxxhamp

    Drunkenly walked into a doorframe, which caused me to somehow throw my phone onto a sidewalk.

    12. Submitted by Charlotte Huenting

    I was on a small boat with my sister, and suddenly a swan came up to us. Both my sister and I got scared, leaned away from the swan, and fell right into the river. My phone was totally destroyed by the water.

    13. Submitted by Katie Liszewski

    While driving around, I realized that the car door wasn't latched all the way and when I opened the door to properly shut it (I was in the passenger seat), my purse fell out and into traffic. We pulled the car over and my then-boyfriend ran out and got it. Unfortunately, it had been run over. Most of my stuff was broken and there was lotion all over everything. I pulled out my phone and it was destroyed.

    14. Submitted by aaronwilliamj

    I got drunk and repeatedly hit my phone with a bread knife…

    15. Submitted by Kayla Aldecoa

    My phone fell off the couch while I was napping, and the screen shattered. So I replaced the screen, but before going to bed the next night, I decided to put my phone on the floor so that it didn't fall off the bed again. Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, my work phone (which I had left on the bed, because who cares if that breaks) fell off the bed, landing perfectly on top of my newly fixed phone, shattering the screen AGAIN.

    16. Submitted by Bitton

    I was pretending my phone was a skateboard and tried to ollie it on my knee. My knee broke it.

    17. Submitted by Jessica Ha Doan

    I was walking behind my cousin and tried to kick her butt, but I completely missed and hit her hand, which was holding her phone, launching it forward onto the concrete, ultimately shattering the screen.

    18. Submitted by James King

    I was switching out my protective cover and it fell.

    19. Submitted by Ailsa Hoke

    Knocked it into my cup of tea and didn't notice it was there until 45 minutes later.

    20. Submitted by Emma Allen

    I threw up on it... It wouldn't work after that.

    21. Submitted by Jorie Czekala

    When I was running on the treadmill, my phone fell onto the belt and SHOT at the wall behind me, cracking the screen.

    22. Submitted by amandaa4b6f60f4f

    The back of my iPhone dislodged, so I did the only practical thing a dentist's daughter would do: I bit it. It shattered the back of my screen and sent me running to the bathroom to make sure I didn't have glass remnants in my mouth. Not my brightest moment.

    23. Submitted by lakeshaf

    I was trying to order pizza from Domino's and the called dropped, so I threw my phone on the floor and it shattered. I was hangry.

    24. Submitted by spsees

    I got surprised by a duck and dropped my phone on the gravel driveway.

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