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23 Ideas That Prove People Are Dumb And Never Think Ahead

Stupid is as stupid does.

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1. Jumping into a pen to fight this deer:

2. Using this bed post as a stripper pole:

3. Holding up this balloon:

4. This sprinkler pull-up:


5. Putting a firecracker in this pile of cow poo:

6. Launching this boy off an airbed:

7. Sliding down this up escalator:

8. Whatever this kid was thinking:


9. Dropping a knife on this pressurized can:

10. Attempting to run through this bull ring:

11. This pillar backflip:

12. Cutting this concrete platform:


13. Kicking this Russian soldier:

14. Running full-speed into this massive piece of wood:

15. This cocky stance:

16. This garage door trick:


17. Picking a fight with this Clydesdale:

18. This perfectly-timed wheelie:

19. This premature celebration:

20. This silo deconstruction technique:


21. Stabbing this truck tire:

22. This man attempting to be a bike ramp:

23. And, of course, the dad who decided to throw a giant snowball at his kid's head: