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21 Things Only People With Restless Legs Understand

Sorry for shaking the table...

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1. Not many people really understand restless legs or RLS (restless legs syndrome).

2. But it honestly is a serious issue that can be terribly annoying.

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3. Having restless legs means you're in a constant state of discomfort.

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4. And sometimes that discomfort shoots into pain.

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5. It's an incredibly difficult sensation to describe, which makes it hard to explain what's wrong when you're going through it.

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6. Sometimes it's just a matter of moving your legs to a different position...

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7. ... or tensing up because it feels like something is tickling/stretching your tendons.

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8. And although it may seem like there's a simple fix...

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9. It often leads to nights like this:

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10. And when you have restless legs, you sort of just get used to having a bouncing leg/foot...

11. Which people often find distracting, rude, or a sign of bad manners...

12. ... when in reality, it's mostly unconscious and serves a sense of relief.

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13. (Although sometimes we just do it to prevent the feeling BEFORE it happens.)

14. Unfortunately, that bouncing leg/foot is TOTALLY noticeable, so you get really self-conscious about it...

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15. So you try to stop, but that just makes things worse because now you're thinking about it.

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16. And the more you think about it, the more intense that strange feeling gets in your legs.

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17. And sometimes that feeling can last for a really, really long time.

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18. In other words, you're in a perpetual state of movement, trying to find that brief minute of relief...

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19. Which is extremely difficult because there is no leg position or combo move that works every time.

20. In fact, you have no idea what works, which is even more frustrating. You're just a victim to your own restless legs.

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21. So even though it may seem silly, having restless legs actually sucks. A lot.

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