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16 Struggles Only People With A Baby Face Will Understand

"You're going to love it when you're 40!" Nooooope.

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1. Getting carded everywhere you go.

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2. And then having to wait while the bouncer/bartender/cashier investigates its legitimacy.

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3. Or being the sole reason all of your friends get carded.

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4. Having people not believe you when you tell them your age.

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5. So you have to answer follow-up questions like what year you were born or when you graduated high school/college.

6. For women, having a baby face makes it harder to be taken seriously.

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7. And then having to act like it's an honor to be called "cute" when you just want to be like, "I am not cute, I am a grown up!"

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8. For men, there's the added struggle of not having facial hair, which leads to a bunch of questions about why you can't grow facial hair.

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9. Or comments like, "I think I see one!"

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10. And if you're the older sibling, people will always assume you're the younger one.

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11. Or that you're twins.

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12. And if you're the younger sibling, you'll always be the "little" brother or sister, despite your height and the fact that you're an adult.

13. And whenever you bring up these struggles, people constantly say how "you're going to love it when you're 40!"

14. But to you, all that sounds like is, "You're going to have to deal with this until you're 40!"

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15. So for now, you try to brush off the remarks and people patting you on the head.

16. Because even though it sucks to have a baby face, at least you know you look good and will continue to look good for many years to come.

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