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16 Reasons Why The San Francisco 49ers Are The Most Fearsome Team In The Playoffs

They play how they want, they shop for khakis how they want, and they apologize to no one.

16. Because their coach is a madman who would sacrifice a life to win a game.

15. But still buys $8 khakis in bulk at WalMart because he doesn't play by your rules.

14. And neither does his quarterback.

13. In fact, breaking rules is what Kaepernick does best.

12. Because it's nearly impossible to defend Michael Crabtree.

11. It takes an entire team to bring down Frank Gore.

10. Their kicker is a machine.

9. Their defense is afraid of no one.

8. NaVorro Bowman is a freak of nature.

7. Who stalks his opponents like prey.

6. And has a partner in crime who is equally ferocious.

5. Because they've been here before.

4. Now they're back for redemption.

3. And they know that nobody can possibly have it better than them.

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2. Which is why they love the hate.

1. And why there's no need for a 12th man when everyone on the field does their job.