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14 Reasons Why The Irish Goodbye Is The Best Exit Strategy

Aaaaand I'm gone.

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1. It keeps the party going. By sneaking out, you're allowing others to continue their conversation uninterrupted, which is really thoughtful and something only a good friend would do.

2. It also lets you leave alone. While exchanging farewells, it's pretty common for others to piggyback on your departure, but that's not possible when nobody knows you're leaving.

4. Now, there are, of course, personal reasons for the Irish goodbye. For instance, maybe you had a brief moment of clarity where you realized you need to leave now or something bad will happen.


11. And honestly, saying goodbye can be a long process where you can potentially get caught up in multiple never-ending conversations, even though you've already expressed your desire to leave.

14. And chances are you've done this move several times before, which means it's now sort of your thing, so they should be understanding. And if they're not, then THEY'RE the bad friend.


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