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13 Random Things That Teens Claim Are Popular

"She's our little secret!"

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We recently asked teenagers of the BuzzFeed Community what they think will be the next big, popular thing. Here are the results.

2. Bohemian-Style Clothes

Submitted by joannalovesashdrew


3. High-Waisted Jeans/Shorts

Submitted by Beatrice Mount, Facebook

4. Chokers

Submitted by ashleys4dffa1d2a (and several others)

5. Floppy Hats

Submitted by Martha Redeker, Facebook


7. Relaxed And Loose Clothing

Submitted by mikal4a7b35b10 (and several others)

8. '90s Grunge Fashion

Submitted by amyk4e3c3c069 (and many others)

9. Adidas Clothing

Submitted by Karina Huang, Facebook


12. Feminism

Submitted by shortkatie10 (and many others)

13. Activism

Submitted by andrewx2 (and many others)

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