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12 Things That Irritate Anyone Who Is A Fast Walker

Get out of the way, slow people.

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1. When someone is walking in front of you and abruptly slows down, completely throwing off the rhythm of your stride.

2. Or when the person in front of you just stops altogether, so now you have to scramble to change walking lanes because your momentum makes you incapable of stopping.

3. Which means you end up cutting someone off, so then you feel like a jerk, even though that first person is the real jerk for not knowing how to walk.

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4. When you're standing at the crosswalk and the person in front of you doesn't immediately cross when the safe-to-walk signal flashes.

5. Or when that person can clearly cross the street because there is no traffic, but they don't, because they're rookie bitches.

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6. When you stop crossing the street due to an oncoming car, but then the car slows down because they're turning without a signal, meaning you could have been crossing THIS WHOLE TIME!

7. Also, just, indecisive cars, in general. What are you doing, cars? Make a decision already.

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8. Couples who hold hands and stroll at the slowest possible pace.

9. Any and all tourists.

10. When you aggressively maneuver around a traffic jam, only to get behind one person who's taking their sweet time, so now all the people you hurried past are catching up to you.

11. Or when you do all of that but don't catch the traffic light, so now you have to wait there with everyone you just outmaneuvered, even though they should be so far behind you because they're not even that good at walking.

12. And when the person you're walking with travels at a slower pace, so you have to adjust your walking speed, which feels horribly unnatural.

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