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11 Reasons Losing Your First Love Is The Best Thing To Happen To You

Having your heart broken is a blessing in disguise.

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Although picking up the pieces after losing your first love is difficult, it is actually a blessing in disguise that will make you a better person and partner in the long run.

1. The post-breakup period allows time for reflection when you learn more about yourself than anytime ever before.

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2. For the first time in your life, you really begin to analyze yourself as a partner, helping you realize the mistakes you've made in the past.

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3. In doing so, you start to lose your ego.

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4. And the desire to change those unflattering characteristics turns you into a more independent person.

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5. It also gives you a clearer vision of what you really want.

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6. And when you find that person, you try harder to be a better partner.

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7. You learn to express yourself more effectively and communicate more often.

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8. And while it's important to stand up for yourself, you know that it's better to pick and choose your fights.

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9. Because the desire to make your partner happy now outweighs the need to be right.

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10. Losing your first love forces you to enjoy the good days and not take them for granted anymore.

11. But most of all, it helps you recognize that people change and that maybe that's a good thing.

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