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The 45 Best-Dressed Blokes On Telly

From sci-fi to serial killers, from the flamboyant to the finer threads, who are the most stylish men on the box? And where did Sherlock Holmes buy that coat from?

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45. Sylar (Heroes)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Zachary Quinto

Because every superhero franchise needs one, Gabriel "Sylar" Grey was the resident telekinetic nutcase of Heroes, but despite head-sawing tendencies, he had styyyyle. While most of the Heroes gang didn't particularly care how they looked, Sylar mixed big coats, usually dark shirts, a Ramones t-shirt at one point and of course that beautiful watch. It's a shame he got his threads covered in blood so often.

44. Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI)

Via Giphy

Actor: Tom Selleck

The 1980s was a time when men were men, moustaches were fancy all year around, and chests were unbelievably hairy (though only on the guys). When Hawaiian shirts were cool and Tom Selleck was the man. When your dad probably owned similar cream trousers and if you're really unlucky, he still does. No one carried it off like Magnum though. The 80s weren't cool, but he was as close as they got.

43. Ike Evans (Magic City)

Via LiveJournal

Actor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

If you own Miami's lushest hotel, you've got to look the part. Ike Evans more than steps up to the plate in Magic City wearing both expensive suits and a cream jacket/bow tie combo. And that's without mentioning the Ray Ban shades that just ooze charisma. It's an enviable wardrobe.

42. Martin Schenk (Luther)

Actor: Dermot Crowley

The man tasked with controlling Luther has a not-so-different dress code to Idris Elba, but he still has a distinctive look. Schenk is a silent hero in the show, and can often be seen mirroring Luther's simple suit and big coat combination. Only Schenk adds wonderful, paisley silk scarves to his attire. You almost wouldn't mind being arrested by a police squad so well-dressed.

41. Sam Tyler (Life on Mars)

Actor: John Simm

It was a shock for Sam Tyler to wake up from a 21st Century car accident to find himself in 1973, but at least he looked good. Sam lived most of his LCD-trip life on the show combining big-collared shirts with a tough leather jacket, luckily rejecting the platforms and flares that the era also had to offer. The leather jacket's more commonly worn with a t-shirt these days - just ask the Arctic Monkeys - but Sam fitted right in with 1973 Manchester with his shirts, still retaining a modern coolness.

40. Alan Partridge (I'm Alan Partridge)

Actor: Steve Coogan

Alan Partridge is a man of many talents, not least when it comes to picking a wardrobe. As displayed in 'A Partridge in Paris', Alan is a master of the wacky combination, as he can pull off ice-white knee socks with a chevron-flashed polo, or shorts with a summer suit. Partridge is also the proud owner of a plentiful of pullovers; he once claimed, "I'm no Giorgio Armani... I'm Alan Partridge." I know which one I'd rather be.

39. Neal Caffrey (White Collar)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Matt Bomer

On the other end of the spectrum to Alan Partridge, Neal Caffrey from White Collar is an equally stylish young man, if not for completely different reasons. Despite wearing immaculate suits, mixing tie slides, waistcoats, turtlenecks and that trilby, most of Caffrey's gear is apparently bought from thrift stores, Star Struck and Cheap Jacks. Looking a million dollars doesn't have to cost it, it would seem.

38. The Third Doctor (Doctor Who)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Jon Pertwee

Famously referred to as a dandy by a predecessor, the Third Doctor was a suaver, more fashion-conscious incarnation when he hit screens in the early seventies. Pertwee was famous for his frilly shirts, timeless velvet jackets and cape-like coats, the like of which has even inspired incoming Time Lord, Peter Capaldi's costume. The Doctor never looked more dapper.

37. Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Mark Gatiss

Sherlock's coat + cheekbones combo may be poured over by Tumblr, but Holmes the Elder has quite the style himself. Mycroft has a plethora of suits in the show from the likes of Reiss, and Gieves and Hawkes. He's perma-suited, never without a waistcoat and never seen without the trademark brolly. Even on Christmas Day: what are you trying to say about the British government, Moffat?

36. Top Cat (Top Cat)

Via Wifflegif

Actor: Arnold Stang

Gang leaders need sharp outfits, and Top Cat is no exception. Rocking a purple waistcoat and matching Heisenberg hat long before Walt and Jesse ever bought the RV, kids' cartoon fave TC is the smartest cat in America. Just don't copy the look. You won't pull the local girls in just a purple waistcoat and hat.

35. Howard (Fresh Meat)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Greg McHugh

Despite a whole episode focussing on an identity crisis, Howard is the most iconic dresser in the Fresh Meat house. Greg McHugh is apparently regularly tweeted with questions as to where he buys his jumpers, the most regular being the one covered in white... elephants, are they? Then there's the dressing gown, that swishes behind him like he's a student version of the Tenth Doctor, and the geology pun t-shirts. If he didn't drape his sleeves in blood whilst working at the abattoir, maybe Howard would feature higher up on the list.

34. Ben Epstein (How To Make It In America)

Actor: Bryan Greenberg

Of course, trying to make it in fashion and wearing nice clothes, is as obvious as trying to make it on X Factor with a sob story. No surprise then that ladies man Ben Epstein is dressed for the occasion, whatever the occasion, as he manages to make a jeans, t-shirt and jacket look so much smarter than it actually is. It's all effortless. Even down to the stubble.

33. Roger Sterling (Mad Men)

Via Tumblr

Actor: John Slattery

They're all pretty neat on Mad Men, right? Roger Sterling's one of the most sharply-dressed on the show though, as his beautiful suits are adorned with a handkerchief folded with three points. Waistcoats are a regular feature, as are the most enviable ties of the cast. Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman could take a few tips, here.

32. The Silence (Doctor Who)

Actor: various

The Daleks have no concept of elegance, the Time Lords have - according to the Doctor himself - "No dress sense, dreadful hats" and the Ice Warriors don't even allow each other out of their clattering, green, probably-stuffy armour. That just leaves the Silence to look cool then, with their skinny ties and slimming tuxedos. It's just a shame you can't remember how well-dressed they are.

31. Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Will Smith

These days, you'd probably only step out of the house in fluorescent shorts, baseball cap and baggy t-shirt if you'd lost a particularly nasty bet or absolutely lost your mind. Will Smith was the height of fashion in the nineties though, as his eyeball-smacking get-up swept across the globe. You can't think of the decade without picturing the outfits. He looked better in the Fresh Prince than he does acting opposite Jaden, let's face facts.

30. Albert Stroller (Hustle)


Actor: Robert Vaughn

The great Robert Vaughn, once of the Magnificent Seven, is the elder statesman in long-con drama Hustle, so it's only fitting that he's dressed to seduce the stupid and greedy. Albert's smart suits, ties and pocket watch place him in league just as elite as the marks. He even looked spotless when he was sent to prison in Series 5.

29. Smithers (The Simpsons)


Actor: Harry Shearer

Long before Matt Smith practically trademarked the short trousers, bow tie and jacket, Waylon Smithers was the hottest dresser in Springfield. A contrast to Mr Burns's formal suit and hunched posture, Smithers is more eye-catching and actually, that purple tie really shouldn't go with the green jacket or blue trousers, should it? Says a lot about the style icon himself that it does.

28. Neil Godwin (The Office UK)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Patrick Baladi

There aren't many people that David Brent wants to be. His exuberant overconfidence whiffs around The Office, but boss Neil becomes somewhat as a style icon to David, when he rocks up to work in a tan leather jacket. Ricky Gervais later claimed that Baladi looked so suave in the sitcom, he could've been Bond. The only difference between Brent and Neil Godwin though, is that Brent got his jacket from "Sergio Giorgini".

27. Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Via Tumblr

Actor: John Barrowman

The first omnisexual character on family television, Captain Jack was a flirty immortal with a swishy double-breasted coat, braces and a tight shirt. He developed his own look on Torchwood, showcased it in his return to Doctor Who, and even insisted on stripping down to his shirt on occasion, "Because I look good." He was a style icon. The ladies loved him, but then so did the men, aliens and just about everyone else.

26. Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Ian Somerhalder

He may be over 150 years old, but Damon Salvatore dresses pretty well for his age. Shunning the cardies and corduroys of many men of a certain age, Damon prefers dark shirts and leather jackets to contrast against his strikingly blue eyes. Proof that not all vampires need dress in silly capes.

25. Raylan Givens (Justified)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Timothy Olyphant

It's perhaps a cliche for a Deputy Marshal to almost never be seen without his hat, but Raylan wears it fantastically well, don't you think? Often wearing a nice jacket, tie and jeans to complete the look, he steals the show, clothes-wise, in Justified. And to add more insult, he never gets hat hair: it always looks meticulous.

24. Mr Big (Sex And The City)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Chris Noth

Sex and the City might not be aimed at the male demographic (see Mr Big's reaction to that bombshell just above), but guys, if you ever find yourself watching it, look out for Sarah Jessica Parker's main love interest, James "Mr Big" Preston. Mr Big has a collection of classic dark suits to die for, and wears expensive ties with a schoolboy knot. They're worth looking out for, even if you don't like the show.

23. Andy Bernard (The Office US)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Ed Helms

The snazziest dresser in Dunder Mifflin, Andy Bernard rotates the brightest selection of ties, bow ties and jumpers ever seen in the workplace. He buys his attire from Brooks Brothers and J. Crew, and even owns a pair of trousers with tennis rackets on them. Stylish, but boldly and bravely so.

22. Thomas Barrow (Downton Abbey)


Actor: Rob James-Collier

Doing more for the white bow tie than almost anyone else on television at all, Thomas Barrow is perhaps one of the most British characters of one the most British shows on air. Thomas is constantly suited, often with a double-breasted jacket, and sporting the slickest TV combover this side of sixties. Oh, and he looks great in army uniform too. Of course.

21. Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Matthew Gray Gubler

Uber-genius and heart-throb to many, Spencer Reid has developed his own competitor to the admittedly more famous Windsor knot. Often seen with his top button undone, wearing check shirts, sometimes horn-rimmed glasses, a cardigan and the loosest ties on telly, Reid's not only astoundingly clever - with an IQ of 187 - he's pretty stylish too.

20. Danny Blue (Hustle)

Actor: Marc Warren

Mickey and Albert are the professionals in Hustle, dressed to kill and more importantly, strip any bent millionaire of their riches. Young pretender Danny Blue takes a more casual approach to wardrobe, often turning up to work in a suit, but sometimes just playing it cool with a bright shirt and jeans. Warren still managed to look about ten years younger than he actually was when he filmed the show. Did you know he's nearly fifty now?

19. Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation)


Actor: Aziz Ansari

A blinding contrast to Ron Swanson's wardrobe, Tom Haverford is a fashion icon in Parks and Recreation. His finest outfits include a burgundy suit and a white evening jacket, and he even went as far as to replace the insoles of his shoes with red carpet, just so he'd always be walking on it, feeling as good as he looks. Smooooooth.

18. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Neil Patrick Harris

If there's one legacy of How I Met Your Mother, it's the lesson that high-functioning sociopath Barney taught all men: suit up! Usually donning skinny ties with his outfits, Barney was the best-dressed guy on the show by a mile. One YouTuber's even gone to the trouble of compiling every suit Stinson ever wore.

17. Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Giancarlo Esposito

Los Pollos Hermanos owner and drug overlord Gus Fring hasn't got all that much to compete with in the fashion stakes in Albuquerque. Walt cooks in his undies, Jesse wears baggy hip-hop clobber and if Hank's ever seen out of uniform, it's fair to say he doesn't suit a suit. Gustavo most certainly does. The last we see of him, he's straightening his tie...

16. Maurice Moss (The IT Crowd)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Richard Ayoade

There are no words that can possibly describe how wonderful Richard Ayoade is, but unfortunately, the credit for Moss's outfits has to go to Maurice's mother, who still buys his clothes. Fancy ties, check shirts and big-rimmed glasses give the computer nerd his classic look. As Moss himself observes, "I like being weird. Weird's all I've got. That and my sweet ass style."

15. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Peter Dinklage

Stephen Merchant once asked Warwick Davis in Extras where he bought his clothes from. Whilst we could ask two-metre-tall Merchant the same question, the more pressing query concerning custom-made clothiers is where Tyrion Lannister gets those fur capes, waistcoats and tunics. He looks the absolute business. Do all masters of coin dress like this?

14. Jack Donaghy (30 Rock)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Alec Baldwin

He's been Phoebe's over-excited boyfriend and murdered by Kim Jong-Il, but fortunately Alec Baldwin was given the chance to show his smart side in 30 Rock as Jack Donaghy. The striped ties and sharp suits are courtesy of Dunhill and Zegna apparently, not to mention the tuxedo: "Why are you wearing a tux?" "It's after six, what am I? A farmer?"

13. John Luther (Luther)

Actor: Idris Elba

There's a half-joke some way into the third series of Luther - you have to keep track of them, there aren't many - about John Luther's super-consistent wardrobe. Grey shirts, the red charity shop tie and iconic grey coat are always on display, with John himself claiming the Paul Smith coat to be his "lucky" one. Cool as it may be, especially when he combines it with flashes of red, but lucky it certainly isn't, given how often people around him die.

12. Castiel (Supernatural)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Misha Collins

Adored by roughly two thirds of the Tumblr population, Castiel is probably the slickest dresser to fall from heaven. The suits are simple enough and the ties are loose and left to swish in the wind, but it's the glorious trench coat that has become a staple of the show ever since he arrived in the fourth season. A cosplay favourite and an influence to many.

11. Don Draper (Mad Men)

Via Wordpress

Actor: Jon Hamm

The Batman of Mad Men, Don Draper is the most exquisitely dressed of all the Mad Men, looking absolutely timeless no matter the suit. His suits usually take a shade of grey, his pocket squares the brightest white, and his ties are usually a manly blue, possibly striped, but always meaning business. He's a man who manages to outshine everyone, just by wearing grey. That's how cool Don Draper is.

10. The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

Via Tumblr

Actor: David Tennant

So many fashion faux pas in one outfit: his belt colour doesn't match his shoes, he does the bottom button of his jacket up and actually, his whole suit is made from a pair of old trousers. But somehow, Ten still made this skinny pinstripe suit look incredible, better still when coupled with the fake-suede overcoat. No one else can pull it off, that's for sure.

9. Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)


Actor: Simon Baker

Mums' favourite and girly-named Jane took the bold decision after his family were murdered to always wear the same clothes that he was wearing when it happened. Though it didn't do Miss Havisham any favours, Mentalist star Simon Baker has become a style icon to many, perma-waistcoated, never wearing a tie, and often rolling up his sleeves to hunt Red John. The dazzling grin only adds to the look.

8. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Mads Mikkelsen

Former Bond baddie Mads Mikkelsen has fought Daniel Craig at a luxury casino, played a count and a musketeer. But he's easily most dapper in Hannibal, wearing big-knotted ties, waistcoats and dark shirts, as he eats his way through murder victims. Who'd have thought, when Anthony Hopkins appeared in Silence of the Lambs, that one day, that character, would have a blog dedicated to the fancier ties in his wardrobe?

7. Mickey Bricks (Hustle)

Actor: Adrian Lester

The greatest con artist of his generation, there's a reason Michael Stone always plays the high-flying investor, top newspaper editor or CEO when conning the greedy City boys of London. Ash and Danny play the labourers, the gas fitters and the working class, because Mickey just doesn't suit anything other than the chicest suits. There are worse ways to be typecast, I guess...

6. Chalky White (Boardwalk Empire)


Actor: Michael Kenneth Williams

Head of Atlantic City's African American community and vendor of illegal liquor, Chalky White is a man with incredible power. So what better way to show that than with a brilliant gold bow tie? Chalky couples this with red pocket squares, check jackets, lavish plaid suits and perhaps best of all, a red overcoat with astrakhan collar. He's a character so stylish, he needs a good few seconds of introduction every time he appears on screen. Just so you can take in that incredible get-up.

5. Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham (Downton Abbey)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Hugh Bonneville

He owns grand estate and he married a millionairess: whether World War I was on or not, Robert Crawley is the most dashingly dressed in Downton, with his white bow tie, sumptuous suits and white handkerchief. Downton Abbey is a study of how the other half lived, and on the Earl of Grantham's showing, it was dressed to kill.

4. Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Steve Buscemi

Not quite as technicolor as Chalky White, Enoch "Nucky" Thompson is another man who favours a plaid suit. He's often seen in a double-breasted jacket, fetching waistcoat and bright tie, even wearing a flower through his buttonhole a lot. He also looks excellent in an overcoat or tuxedo, and has spawned countless blog posts and websites from fans trying to pin down how to replicate his look.

3. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch

The wardrobe team on Sherlock decided against giving Benedict Cumberbatch anything too flashy to wear, as, well, why would Sherlock Holmes of all people care about designer clothes? Despite this, Sherlock's become a fashion icon. There are the purple Dolce and Gabbana shirts, rolled up to the elbows, the simplistic, slim-fit suits, and of course, the coat. The incredible coat. Belstaff re-continued the line after it was such a hit in 2010, but it's not sold anymore unfortunately.

2. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

Via Tumblr

Actor: Ed Westwick

You don't know the meaning of "Tie Jealousy" until you see hedonistic anti-hero Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass in action. Chuck is noted for his incredible style within Gossip Girl, as he wears vibrant paisley ties, braces, pinstripe suits and elegant pocket squares, all with the most perfectly coiffured hair and effervescent self-confidence. He certainly added a splash of colour to the show.

1. The Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

Actor: Matt Smith

When Matt Smith first burst onto screens in 2010, his clobbered-together combination of bow tie, tweed jacket, braces and short trousers looked caricaturist to some, including Steven Moffat who thought a bow tie was too obvious for the Doctor. Fast-forward four years, and bow ties really are considered cool: he's donned frock coats, mourning suits and a vast array of interesting headwear in his tenure, and though the Eleventh Doctor is more awkward than cool, Matt Smith's certainly pulled off every costume that Who's thrown at him.

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