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28 Signs You're A Pro Wrestling Fan

It's derided as a cultural skidmark, a lowbrow circus of steroid freaks in their undies pretending to hit each other. And yet, it has sustained as a viable attraction for over 100 years, bringing in enormous crowds and pay-per-view buyrates. It's a mad and wacky world, and here's a few signs you might be one of us.

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2. You've grown tired of explaining to people how it's NOT FAKE. (It's predetermined.)


And even more tired of their ass-backwards explanation of how things 'really work.' "You see, that table is made of reconstructed styrofoam, and they play the sound of wood breaking over the PA system at just the right time. Also, that concrete floor is actually just a trampoline made to look like concrete. And he's wearing a body brace. And I'm an idiot."

5. You'll always think of The Rock as a wrestler first, who occasionally makes a movie or two on the side.


21. You're inadvertently trained the secret code language of the business.


In other words, you know that the reason the heel potato’d the face during the finish last night was because the face was green and sandbagging, no-selling like a jabroni; now he knows that if he tries to get out of doing the job and dropping the strap, he’ll get busted open the hard way.

22. You're also fluent in Steiner-ese.

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28. Maybe you still watch. Maybe you don’t. But a big part of your childhood remains in front of that TV screen, respecting the hell out of the men and women who put their bodies on the line.

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