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    28 Signs You're A Pro Wrestling Fan

    It's derided as a cultural skidmark, a lowbrow circus of steroid freaks in their undies pretending to hit each other. And yet, it has sustained as a viable attraction for over 100 years, bringing in enormous crowds and pay-per-view buyrates. It's a mad and wacky world, and here's a few signs you might be one of us.

    1. When someone says "WWF," you jump to correct them.

    2. You've grown tired of explaining to people how it's NOT FAKE. (It's predetermined.)

    3. You have a love/hate relationship with WWE. You hate what it's become, but would give anything for it to be what it once was.

    4. You've become desensitized to seeing men of all shapes and sizes in ill-fitting spandex.

    5. You'll always think of The Rock as a wrestler first, who occasionally makes a movie or two on the side.

    6. You have CDs of wrestler entrance themes that you'd prefer no one knew about.

    7. You had early geography lessons via wrestler bios.

    8. You've read one or two or six of these.

    9. You're ready to chant "E-C-W!" at a moment's notice.

    10. When feeling cynical, you consider finally doing a full heel turn.

    11. You look at folding chairs differently than most people.

    12. You've tried four beers at once, Stone Cold style.

    13. And ripping apart your shirt, Hulk Hogan style.

    14. And taking off your towel Val Venis style.

    15. If put in an amateur strip contest, you'd just do a bad Shawn Michaels imitation.

    16. Every time you have something important to say, you'd feel more comfortable holding a microphone.

    17. You have one or two of these that are still pretty special.

    18. You've seen more TV weddings than most soap opera fans.

    19. Every time you shave, you think "yeah, I could do a blade job. No problem."

    20. You have a potentially-dangerous urge to jump off ladders.

    21. You're inadvertently trained the secret code language of the business.

    22. You're also fluent in Steiner-ese.

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    23. Any debate over who the strongest man in the world is has to include Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg or Mark Henry.

    24. You consider yourself a Monday Night Wars buff.

    25. You know more about the Montreal Screwjob than the Kennedy Assassination.

    26. You think everything is a work. EVERYTHING.

    27. You remember where you were when you heard about Owen, and Eddie, and countless others.

    28. Maybe you still watch. Maybe you don’t. But a big part of your childhood remains in front of that TV screen, respecting the hell out of the men and women who put their bodies on the line.

    It's still real to you, dammit.