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Tea Party Jesus Doesn't Love You

An outstanding new blog, Tea Party Jesus, "puts the words of Christians in the mouth of Christ." Odds are, this Jesus doesn't think too highly of you. Via Huffington Post.

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  • 1.

    Ann Coulter

  • 2.

    Al Krieger, Republican Mayor of Yuma, AZ

  • 3.

    Former first lady Barbara Bush

  • 4.

    Glen Beck

  • 5.

    Republican congressional candidate Glen Urquhart

  • 6.

    Mike Huckabee

  • 7.

    Pastor (and Limbaugh pal) Ken Hutcherson

  • 8.

    John McCain

  • 9.

    Bill O'Reilly

  • 10.

    Republican former senator Rick Santorum