Who Really Pays The Bills?

A recent analysis by Aaron Campbell illustrates the ratio between taxes paid/federal funding received for the reddest and bluest states. The results might--or might not--surprise you.

deaddrift • 6 years ago

McDonald's Responds to the Deathless Happy Meal

Maybe you heard about the Happy Meal that wouldn't die. Well, Ronald and the gang heard about it too, and couldn't let it go unchallenged. Sample quote: "It is not possible to provide a detailed explanation regarding these claims without knowing the conditions in which these food items were kept." Click the image for the full response. Via.

deaddrift • 7 years ago

Tea Party Jesus Doesn't Love You

An outstanding new blog, Tea Party Jesus, "puts the words of Christians in the mouth of Christ." Odds are, this Jesus doesn't think too highly of you. Via Huffington Post.

deaddrift • 7 years ago

When BP Spills... Coffee

The crew at UCB Comedy documents BP's latest efforts in crisis management.

deaddrift • 8 years ago