40 Things We Learned From “The X Files”

Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully are in pursuit of the truth. After nine seasons, two films with a possible third one on the way, we learned quite a few things.

1. If it sounds like the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard, it’s probably the truth.

2. If you smoke, you’re in on it.

3. If you work with someone long enough, they’ll want your baby.

4. An FBI badge makes you better than everyone else.

5. No proof, no case.

Even when it’s slapping you in the face.

6. Never trust new team members.

20th Century Fox

7. Never leave an important character in a hospital bed.

20th Century Fox

They will be taken.

8. Important events happen when you pee.

20th Century Fox

9. You should befriend children who are world-class chess players.

Via 20th Century Fox

10. Stay away from black oil.

11. If you’re emotionless, you’re one of them.

20th Century Fox

12. Your dad never loved you.

13. A mole will help you but not really… but he will… but he wont…

14. Hear a sound? Pull a gun.

20th Century Fox

15. It’s OK to look at porn at work.

Via 20th Century Fox

16. By the end of the series, Mulder and Scully know everything.

17. The government archives everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

20th Century Fox

18. Religion + Science = Dana Scully

Catholic, scientist, doctor, federal agent and…

19. Scully is immortal.

Season 3, Episode 4: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose. In what seemed like throwaway dialogue, Scully asks Clyde, a man who can see how people die in the future, what her own demise will look like.

Scully: “Ok. Tell me: How do I die?”
Clyde: “You don’t.”

This theory has been verified by series producer Frank Spotnitz.

20. Cockroaches are aliens. They will kill you.

21. Bees help aliens. They will kill you.

22. If you find a mysterious metallic implant in the back of your neck, DO NOT REMOVE IT!

Via 20th Century Fox

23. If your sister hasn’t returned from her alien abduction after two decades, she’s dead.

24. Do not leak any information to Mulder. It’ll end badly.

Via 20th Century Fox

25. If you have a thing for Scully, don’t. It’ll end badly.

26. Inconspicuous train cars are the most conspicuous.

20th Century Fox

The Government runs experiments in train cars.

27. Never live in a gated community.

20th Century Fox

Monsters live in them.

28. When you don’t know, touch it.

20th Century Fox

29. If that doesn’t work, taste it.

30. Government controls the Oscars.

According to Cigarette Smoking Man but he could care less.

31. Government controls the Olympics.

According to Cigarette Smoking Man but he could care less.

32. Government controls the Super Bowl.

According to Cigarette Smoking Man. He could care less as long as the Bills don’t win. Not while he’s alive.

33. You can run in heels.

Via 20th Century Fox

34. When in doubt, leave it to a nerd.

In this case, three: The Lone Gunmen.

35. They are always watching… Always…

20th Century Fox

36. Things go down at the FBI parking lot… A LOT.

20th Century Fox

Car chases, explosions, murders, secret meetings, rundowns… But as we learn in Season 9, “the tape shows nothing.”

37. If your clock blinks 12:00, you should probably run.

20th Century Fox

38. Native Americans know what’s up.

20th Century Fox

They know all the Department of Defense’s dirty little secrets… They also know how to survive the alien invasion.

39. If you’re not trying to kill your boss, you’re not doing it right.

Poor Assistant Director Skinner.

40. The President is irrelevant in the major scheme of things.

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