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29 Signs You Grew Up In A Mexican Household

Here's the game: If you can relate to ten items on this list, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a certified Mexican.

1. You knew “El Chapulin Colorado” before you knew Superman.

2. You had one of these in your living room.

3. You faced the wrath of one of these three objects:

4. You got your nightly news from these two:

5. Your first introduction to dramatic acting was a telenovela.

6. Your mom would watch Cristina instead of Oprah.

7. You always wondered why Americans celebrated Cinco de Mayo more than your family.

8. You had this image somewhere in your house:

9. You wrote to "Los Reyes Magos" instead of Santa Claus.

10. On every January 6th, you ate bread with baby figurines stuck inside.

11. This happened to you on your birthday:

12. This guy was YOUR People's Champion.

13. You preferred Santo over Hulk Hogan.

14. You had to explain to teachers why you were labeling yourself a "bimbo."

15. This is what Sunday football looked like.

16. This is how you would react to Mexico scoring a goal.

17. These were the candies you fought for.

18. He was the hardest working man in your neighborhood.

19. You grew up with this guy on TV.

20. Your parents hated this guy:

21. Your parents loved this guy:

22. Your family ate at food trucks before they were cool.

23. You preferred conchitas over donuts.

24. You HAD to be an usher at your cousin’s Quinceñera.

25. There's always an infinite supply of these.

26. You had a Carne Asada every Sunday.

27. You still remember this scene.

28. You were represented in Hollywood by this man:

29. You heared this song at every party.

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