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    27 DIY Fashion Ideas That Will Save You Lots Of Cash

    Or how to look fancy on a budget!

    1. Glitter Clutch

    2. Foxy Shoes

    3. Tie Dye Dress

    4. Changeable Denim Details

    5. Braided Bracelets

    6. Shiny Collar

    7. Open Back Sweater

    8. No Sew Pocket

    9. Wrap Around Cape

    10. Braided Scarf

    11. Metallic Cuff

    12. Pleated Tote

    13. Dip Dye Blouse

    14. Flapper Fringe Skirt

    15. Print Backpack

    16. Print Shorts

    17. Folded Clutch

    18. Patterned Leggings

    19. Macramé Back Bra

    20. Feather Ankle Wrap

    21. Cut Out Dress

    22. Sequin Elbow Patches

    23. Flower Heels

    24. Wrap Crop Top

    25. Patterned Jeans

    26. Embellished Shirt

    27. Interchangeable Pockets