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I Pledge To Recycle More

Celebrate America Recycles Day, on November 15, by committing to recycle (and buy recycled) more.

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Recycling in the privy

Be nice, think twice next time you’re in the can. Many of those extra “reading materials,” toilet paper tubes, shampoo and shower gel bottles, and toothpaste boxes can be recycled.

Recycling is more than Minnesota nice

In 2011, Minnesotans recycled enough materials to conserve over 5 million trees, saving enough energy to power all the homes in Ramsey County for one year, and reduce greenhouse gases equivalent to taking more than 1.3 million cars off the road.

Paper cuts


Did the dog shred your homework? Getting a lot of junk mail? Don’t let a torn up piece of junk mail or homework discourage you from recycling. All those little tiny pieces of paper are still recyclable (even with the dog slobber).