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    20 Brightly-Hued Ways To Eat Blood Oranges

    For those who prefer their citrus just like their red meat: good and bloody.

    1. Classic Blood Orange Margarita

    Slap on your citrus sunnies, it's about to get bright (and boozy) in here. Get the recipe.

    2. Strawberry Blood Orange Rum Punch

    It takes two types of rum to make this punch really tango. Get the recipe.

    3. Bubbly Ginger Blood Orange Smoothie

    A soda-smoothie hybrid with bubbles and health benefits? Get thee to a blender! Get the recipe.

    4. Blood Orange and Thyme Paloma Cocktail

    With a supporting cast of tequila and thyme. Get the recipe.

    5. Blood Orange Sangria

    Because blood orange juice + brandy + multiple bottles of pinot grigio. It's a no-brainer. Get the recipe.

    6. Blood Orange Cinnamon Lassi

    Just four ingredients means you'll be living large on the lassi. Get the recipe.

    7. Blood Orange Salsa

    Everything salsa should be, plus blood orange segments. Go buy 10 bags of chips, STAT. Get the recipe.

    8. Beet, Blood Orange, Kumquat and Quinoa Salad

    Meet kumquat, the blood orange's toy-sized distant cousin. Get the recipe.

    9. Blood Orange Roasted Chicken

    Tangy citrus meets juicy chicken meets your mouth. Get the recipe.

    10. Kale and Blood Orange Salad

    Dino kale gets down 'n dirty with that sweet crimson juice. Get the recipe.

    11. Blackened Maple and Blood Orange Roast Pork

    A fine winter's roast for the citrus-obsessed. Get the recipe.

    12. Roasted Beet, Blood Orange and Fennel Pizza with Mixed Herb Tofu Chevre

    Vegan-friendly and heavy on the fennel. Get the recipe.

    13. Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad with Blood Orange Maple Dressing

    Brussels lovers unite and start tossing your sprouts in maple-tahini-citrus magic. Get the recipe.

    14. Pan-Fried Wahoo with Blood Orange Beurre Blanc

    How else would you serve wahoo? With standard beurre blanc - like a heathen? Get the recipe.

    15. Blood Orange Panna Cotta

    Let's just call this jello with a Ph.D. Get the recipe.

    16. Blood Orange Pavlova

    Prepare for faceplant into Grand Marnier-spiked whipped cream. Get the recipe.

    17. Blood Orange Madeleines with Pistachio and Cardamom

    Don't plan on sharing these little pillows. Schnarf them straight outta the hotbox. Get the recipe.

    18. Blood Orange Bars with Brown Butter Crust

    Cue seductive dessert music. Get the recipe.

    19. Blood Orange Granita

    Granita = 2-ingredient hotshot. Get the recipe.

    20. Blood Orange Matcha Upside Down Cake

    Slather with vanilla custard. Slice. Eat. Repeat. Get the recipe.