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Seven Inspiring Goldfish Fun Facts.

Here are some incredible, unknown facts* about goldfish!

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In Oklahoma, someone once won a goldfish at the State Fair and it lived to be 36 years old! Imagine winning a fish when you are 10 and having it with you until you are 46. That's insane. That fish watched him grow up and start a family and create memories together. I imagine them sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade watching the world pass by together.

You know that saying "Sorry, I have the attention span of like...a goldfish." It's wrong. Studies have shown that goldfish can remember most things up to 3 years. They are observers and can remember routines. They can tell time by the temperature of the water as it changes throughout the day. At noon, is when the "room temperature" is at it's warmest. It's like how humans can tell time from looking at the sun.

Goldfish are considered to be a source of luck. There is a story of a man who bought a goldfish at his local pet store for 15 cents,that same day he went and played a scratch off lottery ticket and won 1,500 dollars! You gotta believe that fish brought some sort of luck.

*These are not facts.

**But there are some weird Goldfish facts you can find here:

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