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Moving To Los Angeles? Experts Share Secrets To Surviving L.A.

Meet the most beloved business and community leaders in Los Angeles as they share how you can make the most out of relocating to Los Angeles.

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Are you planning to move to Los Angeles? You're not the only one. Los Angeles is a dream destination for thousands of people globally who watch as the world shines a spotlight on our city. They want to experience the stardust. They want to see if they can shine too.

Moving to Los Angeles is a risk that many may take but few will endure. To encourage and inspire the readers of Moving To LA TODAY, a resource blog for hopeful Los Angeles transplants, I hit the streets searching for the most admired and respected business and community leaders in Los Angeles. I wanted to learn from the most successful and beloved Los Angeles residents what it takes to build a brilliant life in L.A.

The 30 names on this list were offered in whispers at the post office, while in line at the grocery store and even while breaking a sweat at the gym. I asked unsuspecting Los Angeles residents- Is there anyone in this community that you admire? Do you know of anyone who represents the true spirit of Los Angeles?

From information gleaned from bus drivers, on-duty police officers and random email exchanges, I now present a celebration of the best of the best of the Los Angeles community; the most beloved community members and leaders.

The top 10 most celebrated L.A. Power Players were given an award and invited to share their thoughts in an exclusive interview that offers viewers important advice about how to build a beautiful life in Los Angeles from the very people who represent the epitome of success in L.A. Do you have what it takes to thrive in L.A.?

Meet the Los Angeles Power Players

1. Jackie Brander- West Coast Director of Quintessentially

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As the former owner of the high end retail hot spot, Fred Segal, Jackie was thrown into the spotlight as she catered to and courted the most illuminated names in Hollywood and beyond. LEARN MORE...

2. Councilman Bernard Parks - Councilman 8th District Los Angeles

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Completing his third term as Los Angeles City Councilmember for the Eighth Council District, Councilman Parks also served as the Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police from 1997 to 2002. LEARN MORE...


3. Shane Murphy Goldsmith - CEO Liberty Hill Foundation

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Shane Murphy Goldsmith is the CEO of Liberty Hill, a foundation that offers a unique combination of grants, leadership training and support to organizations that incite social change. LEARN MORE...

4. Moj Mahdara - Serial Entrepreneur

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Fifteen years ago Moj stepped out on a limb and became an entrepreneur. She defined herself for herself and magic happened; she became one of the most prolific serial entrepreneurs in Los Angeles County. Admired and sought out by brands who need that extra push to create the buzz their products need, Moj is considered to be a secret weapon. LEARN MORE...

5. Aqeela Sherrills - Watts Community Activist

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"Live beneath your means," Aqeela encourages. "Things are really expensive in LA so you have to make sure that you don't move into a place you cannot afford. And- don't be deceived by manicured lawns and big pretty houses, LA is still a dangerous place to live; remain vigilant." LEARN MORE...

6. Paul Hibler - Culinary Visionary

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Paul has made Los Angeles his home and has relentlessly tilled this fertile ground until every season yields a crop of happy customers. He says he enjoys living in Los Angeles because of its progressive nature. LEARN MORE...


7. Elizabeth An - Owner, Crustacean Beverly Hills

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Elizabeth credits the community of transplants in Los Angeles as the reason why she has been successful in business here. "Because of the welcoming nature and diversity of Los Angeles, our family and our culinary traditions were accepted with open arms by the community, and Crustacean was an instant hit, and I am forever grateful for that," Elizabeth shares. LEARN MORE...

8. Dr. Carol Brooks - Inglewood Dentist

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Carol has enjoyed watching the city of Inglewood grow over the course of more than 2 decades as she grew her private practice located at 3015 W. 85th Street in Inglewood, earning her a reputation as a staple in the Inglewood community. LEARN MORE...

9. Todd Barnes- General Manager of The Abbey

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Todd Barnes is the General Manager at The Abbey, the uncontested hub of the gay community in Los Angeles County. The Abbey serves as a must-visit ticket item during every trip to Los Angeles, boasting a roster of clientele that would outshine all of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. LEARN MORE...

10. Rabbi Steven Z. Leder - Wilshire Boulevard Temple

11. Chris Blatchford- Investigative Reporter, Fox 11 News

12. Bill Walshe - CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group

13. Alle Fister - President ofBollare Communications

14. Hee Joo Yoon- Executive Director of the Korean Resource Center

15. Lin Schatz - General Manager of Andaz West Hollywood

16. Ann Ehringer, Owner of Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu Canyon

17. Lucas John - Creator and blogger at WeHo Confidential

18. Jorge Valencia - CEO & Executive Director of Point Foundation

19. Dr. Jeff Werber- Award-Winning Veterinarian

20. David Levinson- Founder and Executive Director of Big Sunday

21. Dr. Garo Kassabian- Cosmetic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

22. Joe Hicks- Vice President of Community Advocates, Inc.

23. Larry Sand, President of California Teachers Empowerment Network

24. Maxine Waters - Congresswoman

25. Dora Leong Gallo- Chief Executive Officer A Community of Friends

26. Pastor Augie Varajas- Eagle Rock Church

27. Brent Whittlesey Area Director at American Youth Soccer Organization

28. Bishop Charles Blake- West Angeles Church

29. Johnathan Williams - Educator-The Accelerated Schools

30. Robert Garcia- Vice-Mayor of Long Beach