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    10 Interesting Facts About The L.A. Times Newspaper

    If you're moving to LA, you'll need to know some history. Start by getting to know the L.A. Times intimately.

    1. The Los Angeles Times was originally called 'The Los Angeles Daily Times' but it wasn't published every day.

    2. The L.A. Times was published by the Otis-Chandler family for 92 years.

    3. In 1910 Union Workers bombed the L.A. Times building, killing 20 employees and attempting to kill the publisher as well.

    4. At the turn of the century, Kathryn Downing became the first woman to lead the L.A. Times as CEO.

    5. In March 2000, The L.A. Times became a part of the biggest multi-media convergence of its time.

    6. On September 12, 2001, the L.A. Times.Com set a record for reaching 5 million views.

    7. The New York Times and The USA Today are printed at the L.A. Times printing plant.

    8. The L.A. Times has won 41 Pulitzer Prize Awards to date.

    9. For the first time EVER in 2010, the L.A. Times sold its front page to Disney, prompting criticism over journalism ethics.

    10. The L.A. Times admits to being challenged by the changing nature of news and reporting.

    EXTRA! EXTRA!! For a more detailed narration of these 10 Interesting L.A. Times facts, watch this video!

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