15 Cute Animals That Can Kill You

They may be adorable, they may be cuddly, but these cute animals are deadly. Here’s our top 15 cute animals that can kill you:

1. Pufferfish

What’s cute: When it puffs and expands!
What’s deadly: Poison. It’s the second most poisonous vertebrae on the planet.

2. Slow Loris

What’s cute: It looks like a baby Ewok!
What’s deadly: Another Poison-type Poke— I mean, animal. The slow loris releases poison from the sides of its elbows and it can be mixed with their saliva to be put onto their fur.

3. Moose

What’s cute: It’s face. Seriously!
What’s deadly: Their charge and aggression.

4. Big Cats

What’s cute: Everything.
What’s deadly: Claws. Teeth. Stealth. All of the above!

5. Cassowary

What’s cute: Their colors and curious look.
What’s deadly: Claws and high-speed that can disembowel you. Yikes!

6. Blue-Ringed Octopus

What’s cute: It’s small size and blue rings.
What’s deadly: Like most things that come in small packages, this octopus is highly, HIGHLY venomous. There’s no antivenom to its poison, and it can kill an adult human within minutes.

7. Bears

What’s cute: It’s cuddly fur and charming face all in one lovable package.
What’s deadly: Penchant to kill meddling humans with claws, teeth and mass.

8. Poison Dart Frog

What’s cute: It’s colors and size.
What’s deadly: Exactly as its name implies, this frog is poisonous, and indigenous American Indians even tipped their blowgun darts with its toxic secretions!

9. Giant Anteater

What’s cute: How harmless it looks, and the way it eats ants and termites.
What’s deadly: Really, REALLY sharp claws. It can maul and disembowel a human with one strike.

10. Wolverine

What’s cute: Not to be mistaken with the Marvel superhero, wolverines are like miniature bears! Cute AND dangerous.
What’s deadly: Its powerful jaws, thick hide and adamantium claws—okay, not adamantium, but its definitely sharp! Don’t let its small size fool you, they can take down moose!

11. Pfeffer’s Flamboyant Cuttlefish

What’s cute: It’s charming colors!
What’s deadly: Lethal poison—comparable to the blue-ringed octopus!

12. Leopard Seal

What’s cute: Spots!
What’s deadly: Biting people in the legs and dragging them into sea.

13. Gila Monster

What’s cute: Look how sluggish it is! Look how well it blends with its environment! Just don’t step on one.
What’s deadly: Its bite! It can deliver a fatal dose of venom.

14. Elephant

What’s cute: A lovable giant in almost every sense of the word. Also: trunk shenanigans!
What’s deadly: The giants’ unexpected bouts of rage and vindictiveness. For such gentle animals they sure know how to use their bulk and strength when mistreated or in the middle of a rampage.

15. Monkeys and Apes

What’s cute: Their looks and behavior.
What’s deadly: Disease or brute strength. If a virus like Hepatitis C won’t get you, its hands will.

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