12 Extreme Winter Sports

The following is not to be attempted by sane audiences—oh what the heck. Give ‘em all a shot!

1. 1. Ice Diving

2. 2. Snow Polo

3. 3. Speed Flying

Downhill skiing + skydiving = Speed Flying

4. 4. Ice Climbing

5. 5. Shovel Racing

Stick a shovel between your legs and give the slope a ride! …yeah, that didn’t come out right.

6. 6. Skijoring

What is skijoring you ask? Take skiers harnessed to a dog, horse or even motor vehicles and you get creative ways to ski without a slope!

7. 7. Ice Yachting

8. 8. Ski Biking

9. 9. Snow Kayaking

10. 10. Ice Surfing

Who needs waves when you have ice and wind?

11. 11. Snowscooting

12. 12. Polar Bear Swimming

Come on in, the water’s fine!

*Polar bears not included.

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