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    10 Of The Cutest Endangered Species

    We all know of the tigers, elephants and whales that are on the endangered species list, but what about the ones that make you go "D'aww!"? Here's our list of the top 10 cutest but endangered animals.

    Pileated Gibbons

    Numbers in the wild: ~32,000.

    Mexican Axolotls

    Numbers in the wild: Fewer than 1,200.

    Black-Footed Ferrets

    Numbers in the wild: ~1,000.

    Amur Leopards

    Numbers in the wild: 19 to 26.

    Pygmy Hippos

    Numbers in the wild: A few thousand. Breeds well in zoos, however.

    Sand Cats

    Numbers in the wild: No estimates available because of difficulty to study and habitation in vast, arid locations. Went extinct in Israel, but a litter of four kittens were born at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv recently.

    Egyptian Tortoises

    Numbers in the wild: ~7,500.

    Sea Otters

    Numbers in the wild: 2,792 in California.

    Slow Lorises

    Numbers in the wild: Endangered status varies by country, but according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature most populations are declining.

    Fennec Foxes

    Numbers in the wild: Not endangered... yet. Conservationists feel that the species may soon be threatened as they are intensively hunted.