10 False Facts That Most People Think Are True

Mind-blowing and very, very untrue.

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1. Going Out in the Cold + Wet Head = Sick

You can tell your nagging mother that sickness doesn't discriminate whether your head is wet, dry or bald when you go out into the cold.

Keeping your noggin warm is still a good idea though!

2. Fashionable Vikings Wearing Horned Helmets

Sorry Viking warrior cosplayers: by the time the Vikings actually came around, horned helmets were but a fad in the footnote of history.

4. Your Head Venting Body Heat

Despite what everyone tells you, your body heat doesn't escape from your head like a steaming volcano. Studies show that it's actually dependent on exposed surface area.

5. Knuckle Cracking Causes Arthritis

Crack 'em like popcorn, ladies and gents, the enduring myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis is just that: a myth.

However, there's some evidence that it can result in some ligament injuries or reduced grip.

6. The Napoleon Complex

Here's a big one: Napoleon was NOT short. Historians noted that while the conqueror was 5 feet 2 inches tall in French units, by English standards he was almost 5 feet 7 inches!

Not so short now, eh?

7. Stretch --> Exercise

Stop right there! I'm sure you heard it all by now: that stretching before exercise improves performance and prevents injury. Scientists are now saying it just slows you down.

Stretching before running, for example, reduces your efficiency by 5 percent. And there never has been much evidence suggesting that stretching reduces the risk of injury anyway.

9. 7DY(Dog Years) = 1 HY (Human Years)

This myth never gets old.

While dogs mature to our equivalent of 21 in 2 years, aging significantly slows down to an average of 4 years after that.

Here's a better way to determine your canine companion's real age: subtract two from the age, multiply that by four and add 21.

Easy right?

10. George Washington's Dental Profile: Wooden Teeth

No, George Washington was NOT a beaver. His dentures were actually made out of gold, hippopotamus ivory, lead and human and animal teeth.

Notably, the dentures had bolts installed to keep them together and springs to help them open.

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